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With the AMCS solution our entire transport chain is covered and we can plan on both a strategical, tactical and operational level.


Better transport overview and highly improved customer service

Returpack is the biggest player in the Swedish deposit-refund market. They are responsible for the collection, administration and deposits for 2,700 stores around Sweden.

Each year, they handle the collection of 1.7 billion cans and bottles for recycling with approx. 48 trucks operating every day. They have 65 employees and are
operating from one factory and 24 terminals across Sweden. In 2015, the turnover was 2.5 billion Swedish krona.

The Challenge

Logistic Developer Joakim Andersson says, "For many years, Returpack has worked with several external transporters, each of which have planned and carried out their own collection routes, as well as dealing with Returpack customers - the stores. Consequently, we felt we lacked control of the collection operations and customer contact, and lack of visibility into the route planning processes, meant that they couldn't calculate transport costs.

The Solution

"With the AMCS Intelligent Optimisation suite our entire transport chain is covered and we can plan on both a strategical, tactical and operational level. The master routes are planned in AMCS’ route planning system and they are optimised based on recurring customer visits. The master routes are then transferred to AMCS’ fleet planning system, where the operational planning as well as the actual
execution is managed."

The results

"We experienced significant advantages right from the start."

Immediate reduction of the fleet by 2, from the previous approx. 48 trucks – larger reduction is expected in first year of operationBetter customer contact and service and more.

Learn more

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results Returpack has achieved by implementing Route optimisation and the mobile workforce solution. 



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