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All transports have to be economically feasible, which means maximizing the
filling ratio and minimizing mileage. 

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Experienced 15-25% decrease in planning time along with an
increase in number of transported pigs

Danish Crown

A powerful tool for constantly reducing transport costs

Danish Crown, one of the world’s largest pork exporters, receives 14 million pigs a year in Denmark alone. In 2016 Danish Crown acquired a transport planning system from AMCS and made it available for all of their transporters. The goal was to reduce transport costs, have a real-time overview of the transport and to ensure a stable supply of pigs.

Danish Crown experienced the need for matching the capacity of each slaughterhouse with the transport, thereby securing flow in the production. What they missed was a tool helping with matching capacity with deliveries and time windows.

The challenge

Transport planner with Dansk Grisetransport, Martin Damgaard Larsen says: “The many requirements for transporting live animals can be challenging in the planning. There are requirements to the number of pigs a vehicle can contain depending on the sizes of the pigs, which pigs we transport due to risk of infection and to the documentation of the pigs’ origin. Often the farmers also have requirements to when their pigs are picked up. All of this affects the liberty for action in the transport planning which consequently has to incorporate many variables.

The solution

With the system we have reduced the time spent on planning and we have better calculations of time and economy. Automatically,
the system shows us the economy of the transport plan and the consequences of every change we make. That results in a smarter
planning and a more efficient transport.”
Transport planner Martin Damgaard Larsen adds; “AMCS’ system sends the route lists directly to the drivers’ mobile devices and
receives statuses back in real time.

The results

Transport and logistics manager Henrik Ringskær: ”Instantly, when we at Dansk Grisetransport got AMCS’ system
we had an improvement in operations efficiency. Our goal is to reduce costs with approximately 5% a year and since 85% of our costs are in transport it is very important for us to have a powerful planning tool.”

Learn more

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results Danish Crown has achieved by implementing AMCS Route planner and Mobile workforce!




Experienced decrease in planning time


reduce costs with approximately a year


Increased quality of transport and delivery reliability

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