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With Route optimisation you can achieve 5-25% reduction in number of vehicles
and/or driver shifts

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With more than 30 years of experience, our systems are utilised widely at industry-leading companies.

What if simulations

What-if simulations for analysis, simulation and assessment of strategic decisions

The module AMCS Analysis can be used for developing what-if-scenarios for strategic route planning. This is highly useful when analyzing, simulating and assessing the consequences in regards to possible changes to terminal structure/placement, selection of vehicle types, subdividing areas into territories, changing customer conditions, or in relation to transport negotiations and bidding.

When analysing your distribution setup on a strategic level you need answers to questions like: How many terminals should we have and where should they be placed? Should we outsource the distribution? How many vehicles and which vehicles do we need next year? Should we reconsider the current customer service level/service level agreements to cut costs? What would the costs of accepting/bidding on a new customer be? And does our current haulier demand a reasonable price?

AMCS Analysis provides you with exactly the tool for answering all of these questions, assessing your long-term resource needs and evaluating the implications of any strategic decisions. The module is capable of making highly advanced calculations based on numerous factors and provides you with KPIs for the various scenarios, thereby helping you evaluate strategic scenarios and make the most optimal decision.

With AMCS Analysis, it is possible to:

  • Simulate what-if scenarios
  • Estimate long-term resource demand according to the expected level of activity
  • Calculate and define the desired service level provided to customers
  • Make reports of key performance indicators
  • Make budgets for future period
AMCS Analysis is a valuable part of AMCS’s planning systems but AMCS also offers strategic simulations on consultancy basis.

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