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With Route optimisation you can achieve 5-25% reduction in number of vehicles
and/or driver shifts

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With more than 30 years of experience, our systems are utilised widely at industry-leading companies.

Route Reporting

For Transportation Management via numerous KPI calculations

The module AMCS Reporting provides the ability to closely monitor transportation management and the related business both on an overall level and in details via numerous KPI calculations. The AMCS Reporting module can, for example, be used to set up extended management/call center/logistics reports and/or advanced operational reports. As the layout and the content of the reports can be customer-configured, only relevant data is displayed to the relevant parties.



Reports could for example include the following: Weekly trip report (overall level), daily trip report all vehicles (overall level), daily trip report (vehicle level), customer service (overall level), customer service (vehicle level), loading list publishing, warehouse activities, warehouse performance and forecast report.

The reports display the latest versions of the plans as well as historical data. Operational reports may serve as support to the plan inspections and to the decision-making process. Moreover, operational reports are a highly useful tool for planners who need to inspect complex data combinations during planning in real time.

Easy to access

The AMCS Reporting module is easy to access through web-browsers via a web dashboard or directly from the AMCS planning system. Data for in-lined real-time-based reports are derived directly from the system’s live data model but data can also be derived from the built-in data warehouse for in-lined data warehouse-based reports and reports accessed from web dashboard.

Naturally, AMCS Reporting can also export data to an existing data warehouse in the business to be consolidated with other data sources. The reporting tool used is typically Microsoft Reports but it is also possible to set up tailor-made report system dialogues where complex business logic is incorporated into the reports. In both circumstances data can be accessed directly from the data model or from the data warehouse. Naturally, for data warehouse-based reports these reporting tools can be substituted by the freeware reporting tool Jasper Reports or other reporting systems.

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