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AMCS Intelligent Optimisation Platform

We aim for customer success

At AMCS, we provide an innovative optimisation platform to help our customers profit from the circular economy—where today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources. Our digital technology plays a crucial role in driving this change. With high value impact on industries like oil and gas, construction, portable toilets and waste & recycling. We inspire our customers to rethink, redesign and build a more sustainable future.

We are proud to say that many of our customers choose a partnership for life with AMCS.

Our high-tech innovations are based on our passion, knowledge and ingenuity. Qualities that are necessary for the successful pursuit of sustainable quality, social responsibility and economic performance. As a customer-focused company, a cleaner world is our highest goal.

Route Planner

Route Planner Master route optimisation, daily dynamic and ad hoc order planning

AMCS Route Planner is a powerful optimisation system for optimisation of distribution and collection routes. The system can be used for what-if simulations, master route creation, and for the daily optimisation of distribution/collection routes and operations.


Route Planner provides:




What if Simulations


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Fleet Planner

Fleet Planner For real-time route planning, transportation optimisation and dispatching

AMCS Fleet Planner is AMCS’ standard solution for real-time route planning, transportation optimization and dispatching of distribution and collection routes within various industries.


Fleet planner provides:



What if simulations

Route optimisation as a service

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Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce Fully integrated mobile solution

Our in-cab (mobile) solution is easy to use, operates in real time with a complete overview, and provides smooth back-office integration.


Mobile Workforce provides:

Mobile web solution

Mobile fat application including planning functionality

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Webportal & Digital Engagement

Webportal & Digital Engagement Web-based extension of the core planning system for various user groups

AMCS Web Portal is a web-based extension of AMCS’s planning systems. It is directly linked to the planning system and consequently data are seamlessly exchanged between the planning systems and AMCS Web Portal.


AMCS Web Portal is able to serve multiple purposes such as:

Internal portal: Registration of depot lifting, driver access to routes & reporting, monitoring of progress, preparation of data for billing, validation of collected data, etc.

Haulier portal: Haulier management, resource rostering, self-billing, performance reports, etc.

Customer portal: Order taking/generation, time-slotting of orders, information about ETAs and service levels, access to invoices, reporting, etc.

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