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Solving the complex distribution and transportation challenges within all central areas of retail goods transportation, including trunking, distribution and back-haul transportation.

Retail Industry

Improving retail distribution and trunking efficiency

AMCS Retail Planner is a leading standard system developed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who distribute goods to the retail sector and/or end customers.

The system has a high level of industry-specific functionality aimed at solving the complex distribution and transportation challenges within all central areas of retail goods transportation, including trunking, distribution and back-haul transportation.

The system covers the entire planning process going from master route optimization to real time execution and re-optimization.

Selection of industry-related functionalities

  • Master route optimization based on frequencies, visit patterns as well as seasonal variations
  • Conversion of master plans into operational plans as forecasted orders are converted to actual sales orders
  • Daily dynamic route planning based on dynamic and ad hoc order intake 
  • Real-time execution and re-optimization as changes are received from e.g. warehouse management system about final ranking and changes in volumes due to packing, and from vehicle mobile systems about order status, GPS, returned goods and the like
  • Planning with flexible compartment walls in connection with different temperature zones
  • Selection of optimal depots and multi-depot visits for vehicles
  • Ability to optimize distribution, inbound transportation, trunking and back-haul transportation in the same plan
  • Handling of cross-docking and multi-leg planning for inter-depot transportation
  • Analyses of long-term logistic structures (depots, service levels, etc.)

Potential benefits

  • Reductions in COemissions, mileage and driving time of 5-20%
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of vehicles
  • Remarkably improved customer service levels; close to a 100% service fulfilment rate
  • Between 25 and 75% less time spent on planning
  • Time spent on registration and follow-up reduced by 30-60%
  • Significantly increased route quality and planning flexibility
  • A less stressful working environment and increased employee satisfaction


Over the years, the features of AMCS Retail Planner have been developed, based on extensive industry-specific knowledge which AMCS has acquired from our numerous customers within the industry. These references include: Reitan DistributionSchulstadArla Foods, Unilever and KiMs.

More information

For more information on AMCS’s industry-specific transport planning solution for the retail industry, please contact us or refer to the in-depth description of Retail Planner


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