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AMCS Postal Planner

Improving Efficiency in Mail Collection, Transport and Distribution

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Postal, Courier and Media

Solutions for efficient management of operations for the Postal, Courier and Media industry


Improving efficiency in mail distribution and parcel pick-up/delivery

Distribution, pick-up/delivery and trunking between terminals in the postal and courier industry are challenging and the different types of transportation involved in e.g. parcel pickup and delivery, network trunking and mailman distribution each have their own demands. 

Therefore, the type of transportation determines the needs regarding the planning type i.e. master routes planning, network planning, dynamic routes optimization, real-time route execution and route re-planning. Moreover, the type of postal transportation determines the demands regarding the planning logic i.e. high-density versus low-density areas, large-scale order volumes, choice of resource types, territories with distributed workload, ad hoc orders and changes in volumes close to and during operations, sorting center capacity, multi-leg transportation, and complex structures with multiple terminals and sorting centers.


AMCS Postal Planner

AMCS Postal Planner is fully capable of planning and optimizing the transportation process throughout the entire network; distribution, pick-up/delivery and trunking between terminals. The advanced standard system, AMCS Postal Planner has a high level of industry-specific functionality, which can be configured to cover exactly the needs of the customer.

Different planning needs

The system has a powerful engine for optimizing master routes, inserting customer and ad hoc orders into existing master routes and for daily batch-based route optimization. These capabilities are especially relevant for mailmen distribution.

The system also supports dynamic and real-time-based optimizations, which can perform either batch or incremental planning. For incremental planning, the system will continuously change and re-optimize plans as orders are received, perform time slotting and pricing for new customers and ad hoc orders, as well as re-optimize routes in real time, based on GPS and status messages from a mobile system. These capabilities are especially relevant in connection with the actual execution based on master routes and for companies working within trunking and courier/express.

Major benefits

  • Reductions in CO2 emissions, mileage and driving time of 5-20%
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of vehicles
  • Remarkably improved customer service levels
  • Between 25 and 75% less time spent on planning and resource scheduling
  • Time spent on registration and follow-up reduced by 30-60%
  • Significantly increased route quality, employee satisfaction and planning flexibility

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